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Client's Charter

We pledge to uphold and ensure that our Botanic Gardens remain as important relevant and progressive tropical botanic gardens in the region besides providing quality services to our clientele and community in areas related to:

Botany and Conservation
Research and Education
Horticulture and Landscaping
Recreation and Tourism

We are committed to carry out duties and responsibilities diligently to meet our objectives in providing the following quality services :

  1. All development projects are implemented according to schedule.
  2. Decorative for goverment official ceremony and external parties such as private company and the public can be controlled with professional, carefully and memorable based on mutually agreed time frame.
  3. Area rental of Botanical Gardens outdoors to government agencies, private and public.
  4. All feedback will be answered within seven (7) days from date receipt.
  5. To Ensure that all surrounding areas in Botanical Gardens are always clean, neat, calm and safe.
  6. To ensure all living specimen collection in Botanical Gardens are mantained properly and in the good condition.
  7. To ensure all heritage trees in Botanical Gardens are mainted properly and inspected every month.
  8. To take immediate action (within 24 hours) on complaints and feedback received with regard to the cleanliness and safety of the Gardens.