Frequently Asked Questions

 Are fees charged to visitors to enter the Penang Botanic Gardens ? 

Admission is free .  Tram services  is provided for the convenience of visitors visited in the park for a small fee charged .


When is Penang Botanic Garden is open to visitors ? 

Open from 5:00 am to 8:00 pm daily include weekend and public holiday .


What facilities are available at the Penang Botanic Gardens ? 

There are areas for recreation / picnic , toilet, wheelchair access , trails for running , platforms and stages, gazebos , jogging tracks , jungle trails , open fields and crop cultivation center ( ornamental plant for decorations nursery).


What attractions are available in the Penang Botanic Gardens ? 

Rain Tree ( age exceeding 100 years) , Candle Tree ,  Cannonball tree , Ebony tree ,  Argus Pheasant Tree , Lotus Lake Park , Horticultural Center , Tropical Rainforest , Forest Track , Route of  aroids , The Fern Rockery , The Sun Rockery, Quarry Recreation Park , Fern Park , Ochidarium Park , Formal Gardens , Lili Pond, Curtis Trail and Cactus House  .


What other services provided by the Penang Botanic Gardens ? 

Services offered to clients whether public, companies, government agencies and others are ornamental plants for decorations and  area rental services . ( for official and entertainment, carnival, garden wedding, team building, group exercise and etc ) .