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Map of Penang Botanic Gardens




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  1. Lily Pond

  2. Orchidarium House

  3. Curtis Trail

  4. Bromeliad & Begonia House

  5. Perdana House

  6. The Fern Rockery

  7. Cactus House

  8. Fern House

  9. Quarry Recretional Park

  10. Formal Garden

  11. Nursery

  12. Sunken Garden


Visiting Time and Entries
Open to public from 5.00 am until 8.00 pm everyday including public holidays. Admission is free. 

Food and Souvenir
Food and souvenir can be obtained from Botanica shop which is located beside Formal Garden. 

We provide several recretion area/picnic area, public toilet, access for disabled person, jogging track, stages, gazebo, jungle tracking, rest lawn and decorative ornamental plants.

Group Tour 
This services can be obtained by arrangement. Any inquiries, please contact Mrs. Syazalina at 04-2264404. 

Botanic Gardens play the important rule to complete the goverment effort and convey this important message to the public especially students, interested groups and the tourists. 

Guided educational Tour Programme also expressed tke commitment of Pena g State goverment for Penang Botanic Gardens.

Other Services
Other serices that offer to public are decorative plants rental and area rental (for public and private sector). Interestd, please feel free to contact: 

i. Decorative Plants Rental
  - Please download decorative plant rental. Any inquiries, contact Mr. Azman bin Yacob at 04-2264404. (Click here for download)
    To dislpay the form, (Download adobe reader here)

ii. Area Rental
  - Please forward official letter. Any inquiries, contact Mr. Yuizwan Bin Yaacob at 04-2264404. (Click Here For Download)
    To display the form, (Download adobe reader here)


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